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  1. IXQUICK.  Add another search engine to your arsenal.  Ixquick at displays and ranks results from 14 major search
    engines, or, if you wish, focuses on 7 news, 5 MP3, or 6 picture sources.

  2. 05.  EPROMPTER.  With a short (and free) 460kb download, ePrompter at will automatically check on up to 8 POP3 email accounts as well as AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo. You can require passwords and read only headers if you wish. ePrompter displays the number of messages in each mailbox, deletes messages as desired, and has autodial capability.

  3. ****************

    Yahoo Started Like This

    Long-time Internet users fondly recall the first versions of Yahoo. You got lots of arranged, useful links, not ads pretending to be anything but ads and pointers to the latest Britney Spears video. Back then, Yahoo was the power tool of Net choice., which really is the work of librarians, is a large site of links that resembles the admirable Yahoo of old. The categories are diverse but not all-inclusive. The links within the categories are well-chosen and up to date. If any of the categories meet your needs or interests, you won't find a better starting point for your surfing. sakat veya klavyeyi kullanamayanlar icin.. web server


The Partition Resizer v1.3.4

"This is the first free program to resize and move
partitions without data loss, is now more complete,
with support for disks up to 2TB of size.  Partition
resizer is a small DOS executable, which requires
no installation,  and can perform all these tasks in a
short while, giving you the opportunity to re-arrange
your disk partitions safely, quickly, and fuss-free."



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I came accross this in a newsletter I subscribe to by Fred Langa of PC
Magazine.  I thought it was worth sending out to all of you.  I did install
and run this software on both my Windows ME and Windows 2000 system with no
problem other then it finding some spyware on both of my systems.  I was
able to use this program to clean them.  Keep in mind that spyware is not a
virus, just tricky advertising methods that result in you getting spam mail.
Below is the article as it appeared in the newsletter with a link to the
program at the end of the article.


<Start of Article>
1) Updated: Free SpyWare-Remover

A few months ago, we discussed "Ad-Aware," a free and excellent spyware-
remover from LavaSoft. Ad-Aware scans your entire system, looking for
"phone-home" components that sometimes are installed on the sly by
various applications; they're also very commonly included as part of
"adware" or "bannerware" apps.

Many times, these "phone-home" apps are fairly benign; they just steal a
little of your bandwidth and CPU cycles as they invisibly update their
local databases with fresh ads and whatnot from their home server.

But the problem is, you can't know exactly what these apps do. Any app
that silently communicates with a distant server or site also has the
potential to send that site or server whatever information it can collect
about you or your system. You may not want this information shared; in
the worst case, you may not even know the app is talking about you behind
your back.

It's this potential for silent snooping that earned this class of
software the nickname "spyware."

The first versions of Ad-Aware were quick-and-dirty stand-alone programs
that ran great. Ad-Aware quickly and efficiently detected spyware lurking
on your system, and then---if you told it to--- would delete the spyware,
removing it completely. But because Ad-Aware was an all-in-one app,
LavaSoft had to release an entirely new version of the software each time
they modified Ad-Aware to handle new spyware.

With the new version, Ad-Aware has matured and morphed. Ad-Aware now has
an "engine" that does the sniffing and a separate small, updatable
database of "spyware definitions" that it looks for. (In this regard, Ad-
Aware is now structured like many anti-virus tools.) Now, when LavaSoft
wants to update Ad-Aware to handle new spyware, it only needs to update
the definition file instead of the whole app. Nice!

There's much more, too: The app now has a full install/uninstall front
end; it can monitor for spyware in real-time, it can auto-start with
Windows, it can accept command-line parameters etc. etc. etc. And it's
still free!

It's now at version 4.01. If you're running an older version--- or if
you're not running any version--- grab yourself a fresh copy at .

Highly recommended!
</end of article>


Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 18:12:16 -0700
   From: "Untamed Heart" <>

Free Skills
200+ free computer courses.




COOL SITE OF THE WEEK: organizes OVER 50,000 vortals into 36 categories and more than
700 sub-categories. A full text search helps to find the appropriate
categories. The editorial staff of actively searches for the
vortals, evaluates and describes them. This work assures that the metaguide
gives only relevant results. is international. The user
interface will switch to Spanish, French, Italian or German, via a mouse

From another list...

Test the speed of your connection:

...and take solace in the fact that it's bound to be better than mine!



Folks who run Win 9x/ME/2000/NT might find this of some use:

...A cat is a diagram and a pattern of subtle air...







Have you ever noticed how search engines have a lot in common with gas
station attendants?


We've all had the experience of being lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood,
and know that we can rely on the attendant at any nearby gas station to
give us directions to our destination. Sometimes, those directions aren't
particularly good-but when we're lost we take what we get. Similarly,
search engines are all too happy to point you to destinations on the Web.
Quite often, their "directions" aren't very helpful either. In both the
real-world and on the Web, we'd often have much better luck if we could
simply look at a map.

Now we can, thanks to a new site called where one can enter the URL of an online site and that site will be displayed with each and every word hyperlinked. Just click on any word and you will get the definition and thesaurus information.


[452] QuicKeys. There are lots of macro programs designed to provide one-key access to various functions, but Quickeys provides a highly useful setup wizard and then, with a keystroke or two, will launch your favorite Web sites, applications, files, or paste your selected text and even automate an entire sequence of events or build customized toolbars. And lest you forget what keys you’ve assigned to what, QuicKeys displays or prints a QuickReference Card to remind you. Details are at


[499] Applica U2. If you need a second PC but have a tight budget, Applica U2 at could be an answer. Its hardware card plugs into an available ISA slot in your Pentium 100 mhz or better and connects to the Applica U2 connector box. All you then need to add is a second monitor, keyboard and mouse (no second CPU.) Then, both terminals can act independently in most computer applications and surf the Net as well, using just the one modem, phone line, and Internet connection. The system, retailing at US $149, proclaims to be the least expensive way to add a second PC and provides the same functionality that a second computer might, at about one-fourth the cost.


[522] Storage. Usually, you will have to limit the size of files attached to Email. Your recipient or his/her server frowns on large files. But there’s a way around that at where you can sign up for a free storage vault that will hold 120 mb. You can build any number of mail boxes and deposit files as large as 50 mb each for pickup by others with your assigned password. This service will even alert you when the files have been retrieved from your vault.

[591] Buddyhelp. An earlier issue of Neat Net Tricks featured NetMeeting and its ability to allow you to see what’s on the screen of the individual you are chatting with. Another product, called "Buddyhelp" may be even easier. You simply go to , enter a nickname, and start a very small download, taking just seconds, and you’re given a code number. Using ICQ or some other means, relay the number to your friend, who accesses the same site, enters the code, and within seconds you are able to chat with your friend and view his or her desktop as well. There’s also a whiteboard for your doodles. There are a couple of downsides: there’s no support for Mac or Linux yet and, it’s rather one-sided, in that you, as the caller (the Buddy) can see your friend’s desktop and all the action that ensues but your friend (the Helper) can’t see yours. To switch roles, you have to establish another session. Anyway, you might find this an interesting diversion.


[611] Searchling. Another search engine at is extremely fast and provides an interesting twist in that you can indicate "yes," "maybe," and "no" options for your search.


[683] Passmark. Two nice diagnostic tools: PassMark Performance Test assesses performance of your computer and then compares it with other system’s baselines to see how your PC is doing. It is small enough to install from a floppy disk for comparison with other PCs when you’re shopping. It presents an easy-to-read report and new baselines are added from time to time. A companion piece, BurnInTest, analyzes all major subsystems and reports on reliability and stability. A free trial is at .


[796] Email searcher. There’s no complete directory of email addresses on the Internet, but at you’ll find a fairly comprehensive search site of many databases to help in your quest.and is a free 5.2 MB download at .

[803] Expiring mail addresses. To perhaps avoid spam, you can set up a temporary address at Your mail will be forwarded to you only for the duration you specify, and after that it dies.

[255] Hotmail Quick Check. There are several Web-based Email services that allow you to set up free accounts to access your mail independent of your own server. This comes in handy, particularly when you are traveling or your server is down. One such service is Hotmail, but it’s a little inconvenient to bookmark the site, go to it, enter your login name and password, and check your mail in that manner. A utility at allows you to shortcut the log in process without the need to open a browser.

[277] Automatic Web Update. Herhangi bir konuda arama kelimeleri vereekre verdiđiniz arama kriterine göre konuda  updated edilmisţ siteler WEBe eklenince  size emaille bidiriyor.  Adresi: 



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